Inherently Different

No Man is An Island

Some things I miss about the mainland? Walgreens. Weird huh? Less than two blocks away from my penthouse apartment on Union Street in San Francisco there was a Walgreens. I miss Walgreens. Longs makes a mockery of the neighborhood pharmacy. Damn you Longs.

Good Mexican Food? On Maui? Forget it. You’re twice as likely to find decent Haggis as your are a respectable Carne Asada Taco. You’d think with all the Mexican’s working here that one of them would decide to start a restaurant. Nope.

Television shows on during prime time. We’re three hours behind here so while you’re watching CSI at 10, I’m having to catch it at 7 pm.

A multiplex. We live a few blocks away from a theater but it only shows four films at a time. Yeah, they have a discounted matinee rate but I’d give that up for a bigger selection. Considering that this island is predominantly Democrats, I have yet to see Farenheit 9/11 playing anywhere on the island.