Inherently Different

dinner & a movie

I hosted a dinner party tonight. Lotsa pasta & wine and the season premiere of the Sopranos to boot. What more can someone ask for? Yeah, I know, everyone watches the Soprano’s… almost as clich√© as saying you watch The West Wing but I’m addicted ever since I watched the entire first season on DVD. Finding time to watch TV has been difficult since I’ve been working more than my fair share lately, but loving every minute of it. Lots to do makes me a happy boy so to speak. Although, I did find time to drop into the local cineplex last night to take in the latest performance by Julia Roberts in The Mexican.

There are few things on this earth I dread more than Julie Roberts. Her huge gaping maw, filled with row upon row of picture-perfect, razor-sharp teeth is enough to send me into a peroxide-induced coma. And when my friend asked me to go see The Mexican at the local cineplex, I was a bit apprehensive… Okay, so maybe it was from the sheer horror of spending two hours with Julia and her Green Giant Niblet perfect choppers, but I was terrified!

Amazingly enough, I actually found myself laughing…and not at the performances by Brad Pitt (he outdoes his dark turn in SEVEN), Julia Roberts (how does the camera add twenty pounds to her teeth?) and James Gandolfini of Sopranos fame (coincidentally enough, he has a great role and could have almost carried the character into another movie entirely). Anyway, The Mexican. Good movie…The characters are flawless, the script tight, and the visual panorama stunning…Check it out and see if you don’t agree.