Inherently Different

Revisiting This Date in 2011

I have had this blog for a very long time… in fact, this blog is the longest-running relationship I have. I started writing it in 1999 using HTML I wrote myself (it was under a different name back then More Inhuman than Human). I’ve written some odd, extreme, and highly insensitive things and periodically, I … Read more

Rocketman & The Birds

When I first started using the bird site, I did so because I realized how toxic Facebook was becoming. This was around 2015. It isn’t a coincidence that for me, FB became a cesspool once a bunch of white, entitled people joined the Trumpanzee cult. I started noticing people becoming unhinged over a grifter who … Read more


Best show on television bar none. I’ve been watching a lot of shows on Hulu or Netflix for the last 3 months or so (mostly because I have just about watched every damn movie released since 1943. Not having a television over the last 4 years, I’ve missed a lot… still missing a lot I … Read more

your lips say no, but your eyes say yes

Gorillaz: Dare There is a really good article in the May 08 issue of Esquire about saying no. How liberating and empowering it is to just say no. Saying no, for most people, does not come naturally. Some people hate to disappoint or want to be liked, so they say yes often and to their … Read more

whatcha watcha want

There are few people on the planet who are as impatient with human incompetence and as unforgiving of it as I am. Give me a woman digging change out of her purse for 10 minutes just to avoid having 99 more cents weigh her handbag down and I will show you how quickly I can … Read more

what exactly is this

Bloody Well Right – Super Tramp Just fooling around with the old blog… in the hope that I will actually post some shit… I have been incredibly lackadaisical about posting recently… ok, who am I kidding? Not recently, since the middle of last year… probably earlier. There was a time when I would post in … Read more

what’s up chuck

Today is Chuck Palahniuk’s birthday. Chuck is one of my favorite authors, not only because of his unique writing skill, but he has this uncanny ability to see through the bullshit and show you things as they are, not as people wish they were. The author of Fight Club was born on this day in … Read more

stand up

I doubt I could be a bigger nerd than I am lately, but I do try. The red queen allowed me to get a blackberry curve and the inherent nerd factor that used to define me has now increased exponentially. For those of you who know my real email address, I am no longer able … Read more

i hate everything about you

There was a time, perhaps 10 years ago, that Madonna was relevant. While anyone with half a brain has since stopped paying attention to that rancid bag of wind, for some reason she continues to fight tooth and nail against the ravages of time and fame. I don’t think I am in the minority believing … Read more

waiting for the night to fall

“Life doesn’t always work out the way we want.” In the big book of truth, that statement should be listed first, followed closely by, “We always hurt the one’s we love.” I am nothing if I am not honest. Truth is the thin, pale wall between what we want and what we need. It is … Read more