Inherently Different

Revisiting This Date in 2011

I have had this blog for a very long time… in fact, this blog is the longest-running relationship I have. I started writing it in 1999 using HTML I wrote myself (it was under a different name back then More Inhuman than Human). I’ve written some odd, extreme, and highly insensitive things and periodically, I … Read more

Revisiting this Date in 2004

I’ve been fascinated with storytelling since I was a child. I’ve read more books than I can count and enjoy hearing people tell stories (real life stories as well as fantastical tales). Part of the original reason for this blog was to write more personal stuff. I worked as a copywriter for years at that … Read more

Rocketman & The Birds

When I first started using the bird site, I did so because I realized how toxic Facebook was becoming. This was around 2015. It isn’t a coincidence that for me, FB became a cesspool once a bunch of white, entitled people joined the Trumpanzee cult. I started noticing people becoming unhinged over a grifter who … Read more

Birthday wishes

I had well over 20 messages in email and facebook today. You’d think I had friends or something.

movies and with the watching

I’m in the mood for a movie, unfortunately there aren’t any zombie apocalypse movies currently in the local cineplex. I’ve heard a lot of good things about The Lovely Bones and thought I’d give that a whirl…

bloody good show

My gf loves the show True Blood on HBO… ok, really she just likes vampires (and mostly vampires named bella or bruce? or whatever that gay guy from harry potter is named in the books). We don’t actually have HBO, or any broadcast television, but we do have the internet… and netflix, so we make … Read more


The Red Queen is blogging, though I can’t actually link to her blog quite yet. Apparently, my shameless pursuit of attention hasn’t rubbed off on her anywhere near as much as I had anticipated. I built the blog for her almost a year and a half ago because she would come home from work with … Read more


Starting August 1st, I will be writing EVERY day on this blog. In my attempt to get back into the full groove of writing consistently, I will be posting more often and worry less about relevance. Some of the posts are real life things and some will be just writing exercises to promote creativity. You … Read more

que milagro

Aside from still being in mourning over the loss suffered by my beloved Chargers this past weekend, I am knee deep in trying to get a variety of websites I have been contracted to build into shape. I’m busy, but not so busy that I can’t spend a few hours a day over the next … Read more