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que milagro

Aside from still being in mourning over the loss suffered by my beloved Chargers this past weekend, I am knee deep in trying to get a variety of websites I have been contracted to build into shape. I’m busy, but not so busy that I can’t spend a few hours a day over the next week watching the entire first season of Mad Men, which was just sent to me (thanks Kellie!). It’s been in my netflix queue for some time and I’m really looking forward to catching the hottest show on TV.

On another note, I was checking out my site stats early today and realized that I went from a high of about 200 visits a day back in 2001 to about 25-30 (and 20 of those visits are from the same person) in 2007. I know that the main reason is because I am not that interesting… and add to that my extended periods without a new post, and you’re looking at a sizable decline in readership. Some people would have already given up… or abandoned their site by this time.

2 thoughts on “que milagro”

  1. You are so that interesting… but yea, it’s the infrequency of your posts that does it, I think. And probably because you don’t seem to spread a lot of comment love around. I think many bloggers only spend time reading someone who’s going to read them… sad, but true. And for the record, I do not visit your site 20 times a day. It ain’t me!

  2. Come on Dawn, you know it’s you :-). Well, it isn’t me either. I do find you more than interesting. I think it is the lack of posting and visiting, it is work keeping a blog alive. I speak for all of us here, please don’t go away, I already lost one blog friend this month and I don’t want to lose you too.

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