Inherently Different

que milagro

Aside from still being in mourning over the loss suffered by my beloved Chargers this past weekend, I am knee deep in trying to get a variety of websites I have been contracted to build into shape. I’m busy, but not so busy that I can’t spend a few hours a day over the next … Read more


“Karma,” a wise man once said, “is a bitch!” Clearly this pundit was a fan of football as this past season has clearly illustrated. In case you were oblivious, this past season saw one team come within a hair’s breadth of finishing the season without a win as well as one team come even closer … Read more

on any given sunday

In my family, there are few things that are universally agreed on. We disagree on politics, religion, philosophy, and economics and those are just the things we disagree on before breakfast. But the one thing we all agree on is that the San Diego Chargers are the most exciting football team to ever grace god’s … Read more

The Promise

April is essentially a time of renewal. It is a promise made waiting for proof of commitment and few people understand this as well as baseball fans. I’ve watched the promise of spring turn into the disappointment of summer and the failure of fall too many times to count. Now, with my hometown team playing … Read more