Inherently Different

Be the Boss

One of the most aggravating things about being a private contractor, or owning your own business, is dealing with clients who tend to put your invoices on ice. Over the last six or seven years, I’ve had to put up with the usual set of excuses and promises clients make about their outstanding invoices. I … Read more

gay-tham for statham

Statham’s profile, collectively, is a promise to you, the weary filmgoer. It’s a promise that says, “I promise that you will not FOR ONE SECOND be bored during one of my movies. You won’t learn shit about the human condition, or feel a collective connection with the brotherhood of man. But if you give … Read more

on any given sunday

In my family, there are few things that are universally agreed on. We disagree on politics, religion, philosophy, and economics and those are just the things we disagree on before breakfast. But the one thing we all agree on is that the San Diego Chargers are the most exciting football team to ever grace god’s … Read more

two in the bush

There are currently 98 oil producing countries in the world, of which 64 are thought to have passed their geologically imposed production peak, and of those 60 are in terminal production decline. While some may argue, I am a deep thinker. Not that my thoughts are in any way deep, just that when I think, … Read more

ride on

[xspf]_start(FALSE, ‘order=12’)[/xspf] Life is rarely ever what it promises to be. As a child, outside of the incessant worrying about this shadow or that noise, the prevailing thought on a new mind is that the world is big. So big that it can’t all be taken in at once. Every turn of the head, every … Read more

mom is a four letter word

My mother is (was? i am not sure, I haven’t spoken to her for more than 15 years) a pathelogical liar. This is a condition that I became aware of rather early. When my father would come home and she would make up stories about how my brothers and I had misbehaved to explain the … Read more


Proving my point about IQ is the guy in my comments from the previous post. He can’t read, yet he thinks he should be able to own a gun… tsk tsk. It is people like this winner that make it difficult to have a differing viewpoint… not because we disagree, but because they can’t be … Read more

black is the new white

Jason Whitlock is a sports writer for the Kansas City Star Telegram, but he was also a prominent fixture on and ESPN televsion for the last five or so years. He speaks often about a variety of topics as they relate to sports, but frequently, race has become a big part of his platform. … Read more

hooker with a penis

I know I have said it before, but it bears repeating… LATIN WOMEN ARE FUCKING CRAZY. If they aren’t cutting penises off with rusty razors, they are kidnapping people for ransom, stabbing their loved ones in the chest, or participating in other criminal misadventures. I would love to get a research grant to study my … Read more