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hire learning

I’m often confounded by the logic that controls the thoughts of some people. Recently in the news was a story about some girl who went from a size 94 or some such, and through the weight loss program Weight Watchers, she squeezed her fat ass down to a size 12. Hoo fucking ray for you! … Read more

you’re a loser, baby

I have very little patience for certain things. Ok, full disclosure… I have very little patience for anything that is even remotely based on stupidity. Things that fall into the category of “new age” such as herbal remedies, crystals, shit like that. I am pretty sure those types of things exist solely to show the … Read more

what exactly is this

Bloody Well Right – Super Tramp Just fooling around with the old blog… in the hope that I will actually post some shit… I have been incredibly lackadaisical about posting recently… ok, who am I kidding? Not recently, since the middle of last year… probably earlier. There was a time when I would post in … Read more

on any given sunday

In my family, there are few things that are universally agreed on. We disagree on politics, religion, philosophy, and economics and those are just the things we disagree on before breakfast. But the one thing we all agree on is that the San Diego Chargers are the most exciting football team to ever grace god’s … Read more

evil woman

In a surprising turn of events, apparently women’s breasts can have an effect on a man. Who knew? I love science. I used to have a roommate with double D breasts. When I first met her, I did my best to ignore them. Ignoring them was extremely difficult as they usually entered any room two … Read more

shake the disease

Ever wonder why the universe is so incredibly unfair? I often wonder exactly what rule controls the cosmos at certain times. For instance, let’s say you wanted to protest something… I don’t know, like the war… and you had the stroke of genius to showcase the need for say, I don’t know… boobs… over bombs… … Read more


Nothing can be quite as irritating as someone who complains. And yes, I realize that by stating that fact, I am in essence doing the very thing that I am railing against… Irony… it’s a bitch. Growing up, unless I lost an appendage, any complaints were met with very little attention. The more you complained … Read more

games without frontiers

A meme originated by someone who then tagged oedipa… who then tagged me. Seven movies I have loved:1. Reservoir Dogs: Tarantino is an idiot savant.2. The Killing: By far Stanley Kubrick’s best film. Better than Dr. Strangelove by a hair.3. The Wild Bunch: Sam Peckinpah is/was the world’s greatest action director.4. Night of the Hunter: … Read more


Ten Famous People Who I Would Gladly Skull Fuck If Skull Fucking Wasn’t Illegal… In no particular order… Michelle Malkin: It is bad enough that she wrote a book extolling the virtue of interning Japanese Americans during World War II, but what makes it worse is that she thinks that republicans will remember her as … Read more

burden in my hand

A while back, someone asked me why I seem to never have a problem with the ladies. Of course, the sentiment behind the question, while generally true, isn’t entirely accurate. I don’t have a problem attracting them, but I have, if one were to explore my history, problems keeping them happy indefinitely. The reason of … Read more