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I’m often confounded by the logic that controls the thoughts of some people. Recently in the news was a story about some girl who went from a size 94 or some such, and through the weight loss program Weight Watchers, she squeezed her fat ass down to a size 12. Hoo fucking ray for you! Excellent job getting your obesity under relative control, but here’s the thing… it doesn’t mean shit to anyone but you. And it shouldn’t unless someone wants to use you as an example of how to stop being an obese pig. Other than that, a stick of gum is all the reward you should expect.

Now this woman is bitching and moaning over the fact that Weight Watchers won’t “credit her efforts enough to hire her as a national trainer.”
Ok, again… kudos to you for dropping the equivalent weight of another adult, but that doesn’t mean anyone else owes you shit. What it does is prove that you were fat because you chose to be fat rather than some malady that required medical intervention. Congrats, you’re human… stay away from cheeseburger from here on out.

Expecting the company partially responsible for your weight loss to hire you is pushing the limits of reason. Why should they? Simply because you think they should and if they don’t that proves they have something against fat people? Perhaps they don’t think you’re qualified even if you believe the opposite. Companies weed out applicants all the time and especially in this economy, they have the right to choose only the best applicants who promote the companies ideals… and in this case, that means not hiring a fatty to be their spokesperson.

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  1. I think I mostly agree with you. Weight Watchers requires that their trainers maintain a certain BMI not that they wear a certain clothing size, or look a certain way. Body mass index is the current standard measure of a person’s health in regards to weight so it seems reasonable that a company whose purpose is to promote healthy eating and healthy weight maintenance have some standard that their trainers have to meet. I think she should be proud of her achievements but can’t expect the world or weight watchers to be as proud. Some of us manage not to ever reach the point of obesity… do we get rewarded for that?

  2. Well even putting aside her accomplishment for a moment, the company doesn’t owe her anything. They make their own decisions and shouldn’t be under the sway of popular opinion.

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