Inherently Different

hire learning

I’m often confounded by the logic that controls the thoughts of some people. Recently in the news was a story about some girl who went from a size 94 or some such, and through the weight loss program Weight Watchers, she squeezed her fat ass down to a size 12. Hoo fucking ray for you! … Read more


“Karma,” a wise man once said, “is a bitch!” Clearly this pundit was a fan of football as this past season has clearly illustrated. In case you were oblivious, this past season saw one team come within a hair’s breadth of finishing the season without a win as well as one team come even closer … Read more

two in the bush

There are currently 98 oil producing countries in the world, of which 64 are thought to have passed their geologically imposed production peak, and of those 60 are in terminal production decline. While some may argue, I am a deep thinker. Not that my thoughts are in any way deep, just that when I think, … Read more

stupid girl

I am sure some of you will find this insulting, but people are not only lazy, but they are oftentimes stupid. Stupid because so many people are not willing to exert a little energy to verify things before they go off half-cocked into the world. Someone whom they value/appreciate says, “This is happening,” and rather … Read more

hammer time

“Yes . . . F—ING Yes!!! I LOVE MY JOB, it takes everything reckless and deviant and heathenistic (sic) and just overall bad about me and hyper focuses these traits into my job of running around this horrid place doing nasty things to people that deserve it . . . and some that don’t.” – … Read more

poison ivy

I call bullshit… This is obviously a marketing scam for an upcoming book or movie. It is just too complete… from the initial mentions of how her best friend and husband get along so well and she loves that they do, to the relatively infrequent posts that went from the intial post until the youtube … Read more

smiley faces

Personally I think the worst thing that could have happened to people of color is the anti-racism movement. Granted, the 60s civil rights movement was important and necessary, but over the last 40 years, that movement has become less about ensuring equality, and more about shaming people into complying with socially accepted behavior. Aside from … Read more

somewhere in between

While doing research for an article on career tracks for women, I came across this article about stay-at-home moms. The article was feminist in slant, but definitely not disregarding the role of women who choose to stay-at-home to help overpopulate the Earth. Yet, many stay-at-home moms went nuts over the article because they felt belittled, … Read more

(you gotta) fight for your right to party

There is an article in the most recent rolling stone about Jack Abramoff, the super lobbyist who has suddenly thrown Washington into full on scramble mode. Scrambling because they don’t want to be listed as Abramoff supporters, which is a good idea since the fucker was convicted of a number of crimes including fraud and … Read more