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Personally I think the worst thing that could have happened to people of color is the anti-racism movement. Granted, the 60s civil rights movement was important and necessary, but over the last 40 years, that movement has become less about ensuring equality, and more about shaming people into complying with socially accepted behavior.

Aside from having to deal with overly correct white people, we non-whites must constantly wage a battle of understanding… the understanding that the person in front of us is most likely a racist, they are just too ashamed to be labeled as such. While they may never wear a white robe and hood and burn a cross on your lawn, the racist acts they are likely to perform, are infinitely worse…

I believe what most people fail to realize is that while most people of color wish racism could be eradicated, we know that most of the efforts to eliminate overt racism simply drive racists underground. Shaming someone into being more sensitive to racial differences is NOT the same as educating them about the value of people of all colors, genders, sexual orientation, and class.

I’ve often said I would prefer that people be outwardly hostile toward me if they were racist. I actually have a higher opinion of overt racists than I do of politically correct busy bodies who claim to be color-blind but are actually seething pits of racial hatred. The overt racist is at least willing to stand up for his convictions, while the closet racist is able to maintain the perception of open-minded citizen all the while doing his/her best to undermine the value of those people who are different than he/she. So feel free to call me a spic, beaner, or a wetback… at least I know who my real enemies are.

UPDATE: I should also say that hiding racism behind arguable altruistic rhetoric (for instance those on the conservative side of the illegal immigration issue) is equally bad. The whole "we need to protect our borders from foreign nationals intent on committing terrorists acts" argument is rather flimsy at best… I mean, unless Joe America is thinking that illegal immigrant and Aliberto’s head chef, Juan Estrada, is attempting to destroy the US one colon at a time, 99% of all illegal immigrants are not terrorists. It is hard not to think that a vast portion of Arizona’s white population is the very kloset klan koalition that I am speaking about.

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  1. Yes! I completely agree. Am I allowed to agree with that even though I’m white? People who go out of there way to demonstrate how color-blind they supposedly are, are usually the ones who really have a problem with non-whites. Hatred in a subtle and less obvious form isn’t really much better that burning a cross on someone’s lawn. But it isn’t even about Hatred. We all pre-judge others based on race to some extent and being honest about it works better in my opinion.

    Do you ever watch Carlos Mencia? I love him. He calls himself a beaner all the time.

  2. I agree for the most part. If you don’t like something feel free to say it. The one thing that gets me is racism towards whites. Being very pasty myself I find sometimes that black people stareotype me. My neighbor did this just the other weekend. I parked infront of her house and she came over to ask me to move it. I told her no since it public street parking. I’ll move it next time I go somewhere. Then she proceeded to go off about how you (being me) white people like to take everything from the black people and keep them down. I then pointed out that my wife was black (as my wife came walking up the stairs) she told me that “well she’s not black in your eyes” at that point I went off on her. the rest was just a bunch of back and forth arguing with the result of the police being called and setting her straight…hehe… that was the fun part. I’ve never had a problem with anybody becuase of color, gender, Sexual orientation, or class. But an asshole is an asshole and a bitch is a bitch. Those come in all colors shapes and sizes.

  3. Hahahah… Brain you should have pimped slapped her and then said, “That’s how we roll… biotch!” When are you gonna put up another pool cam?

  4. Right on Brain!!! I have something to say about this, and it’s happened to me (well when I was younger) black girls would mess with me and they expected me to just keep quite, and well when they saw that that was not happening they backed off! I don’t know if they thought I would be affraid of them or something, but hey Just as Brain said it, a BITCH IS A BITCH AND AN A HOLE IS AN A HOLE! So don’t care what color or size you are you mess with me and well your gonna get something back! ;0)

    And well in regards to the whole immigrant situation i rather not say anything cause that whole thing just pisses me off!! So i’ll just read.

  5. Hahaha… I almost did… but my wife would have “beat” me to it. Besides… she’s old… I might have killed her. She’s one of them ol’school white haters…. yaknow since she grew up in that era and now she just hates all whites equally. Next poolcam will be up next time theres naked bitches in the pool… mmmmm fun.

  6. The real shitty part about it all is as soon as she took it to the racial bullshit I got so pissed that I don’t remember much about what happened. Everybody else remembers though… they still talk about it… haha

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