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Disempathetic Type

The older I get, the closer I get to being fully sociopathic. I find myself caring less and less about just about everyone and everything outside of a few people and things. The title of this post describes a specific type of sociopath that I seem to be inching closer to becoming… disempathetic sociopaths are …

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hire learning

I’m often confounded by the logic that controls the thoughts of some people. Recently in the news was a story about some girl who went from a size 94 or some such, and through the weight loss program Weight Watchers, she squeezed her fat ass down to a size 12. Hoo fucking ray for you! …

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eat it, just eat it

My good friend started a blog a while back and though he posts a great deal about his day to day, he also posts about the various foods he loves to make/eat. If you get a chance, check it out.

emotional rescue

Emotional Rescue Some people tend to work on emotion. Every action, every decision, every motive is controlled by their emotions. Nine times out of every ten, those decisions will be wrong. Maybe not immediately, but long term, those decisions tend to prove that making decisions when under the thrall of emotion is a bad idea. …

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lie to me

A study, published in the Journal of Basic and Applied Psychology, found that 60 percent of people had lied at least once during the 10-minute conversation, saying an average of 2.92 inaccurate things. In less vague terms, people lie an average of 3 times every ten minutes. I know this not because I am some …

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the intraweb is fun

I’ve worked with computers for a long time, long before there was a commercial application of the internet to be exact. I’ve seen my fair share of interesting things and have participated in some interesting online conversations. In all that time I’ve maybe had a handful of of people threaten to kick my ass. When …

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you’re a mean one

Going forward, when someone tells me that I’m mean, I’ll simply direct them to this. Comparatively speaking, I’m not THAT mean.

boo to the yah

I don’t get excited easily when it comes to my home town sports teams. I mean, sure, the chargers are a perennial playoff team, the padres have made consistent pushes deep into october a handful of times in the last 25 years, but I don’t really get too worked up because I know that San …

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older, no wiser

I’ve been knee deep in two projects for the last week or so. If you noticed my failure to launch these last few days, that’s pretty much why. I don’t mind being busy, but sometimes, when I get really overwhelmed by work, I tend to listen to…

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