Inherently Different

Revisiting this Date in 2004

I’ve been fascinated with storytelling since I was a child. I’ve read more books than I can count and enjoy hearing people tell stories (real life stories as well as fantastical tales). Part of the original reason for this blog was to write more personal stuff. I worked as a copywriter for years at that point (1997) and realized I rarely ever just wrote for fun. I eventually quit my job as a copywriter for a dotcom and was considering leaving San Francisco. I did leave (in April of that year) and moved to Maui with my then GF of 2 years). I started learning to build websites for small businesses. The paid writing dried up and I began coding more and more, and as a consequence, I stopped writing anything other than code. While I believe code is poetry, it isn’t as creatively satisfying as writing for fun.

Back on this date in 2004, I was watching lots of movies and posted a bit about what I liked and who I admired. The list isn’t storytelling, but it does reveal character actors who are storytellers in their own right… folks who elevate a role into something more than what it might have otherwise been with a different actor.