Inherently Different

Rocketman & The Birds

When I first started using the bird site, I did so because I realized how toxic Facebook was becoming. This was around 2015. It isn’t a coincidence that for me, FB became a cesspool once a bunch of white, entitled people joined the Trumpanzee cult. I started noticing people becoming unhinged over a grifter who was running for office. Nothing you could say would convince them that this vile piece of shit would be very bad for the country and drive a wedge deeply between people who had opposing views on governance.

I thought, at that time, the bird site was a safe haven. I thought the folks running the bird site wouldn’t join the cult. Then the folks running the bird site did something worse than joining the cult… they sold it to a piece of shit that was as bad if not worse than the grifter the Trumpanzees worshipped.

I am not sure what will happen to Mastodon. It might flame out (despite record growth… nearly 8 million folks have abandoned the bird site and flocked to Mastodon, which bodes well and ill. Well, because it means many more people think the bird site is dying. Ill because this type of growth, at this rate, will tax servers and possibly end the experiment before it can truly begin.

If you flew the coop at the bird site, you can join me here.