Inherently Different

Revisiting This Date in 2011

I have had this blog for a very long time… in fact, this blog is the longest-running relationship I have. I started writing it in 1999 using HTML I wrote myself (it was under a different name back then More Inhuman than Human).

I’ve written some odd, extreme, and highly insensitive things and periodically, I will pick something from the archive and repost it here for your reading pleasure.

On this date in 2011, I was dealing with clients who would contract me to do work for them, but conveniently forget to pay me.

Today, this happens less frequently, because as I stated back then, I devised a way to avoid paper checks altogether. I can’t remember the last time I received a paper check to be honest. I know when the last time I wrote a check is however… two weeks ago I had to go to my bank and get a cashier’s check because I don’t have checks myself and this particular vendor didn’t accept online payments. Crazy, but there are still plenty of Luddites ferociously holding on to the past.