Inherently Different

Be the Boss

One of the most aggravating things about being a private contractor, or owning your own business, is dealing with clients who tend to put your invoices on ice. Over the last six or seven years, I’ve had to put up with the usual set of excuses and promises clients make about their outstanding invoices. I … Read more

just like you imagined

For your reading pleasure, my work in progress… Love and Death.

                                                         FADE IN:


      A heavy mist hides most of a lonely stretch of road somewhere
      in the mountains. The silence is broken by the faraway sound
      of an engine rising and fading as it shifts from gear to
      gear. The sound grows louder, more urgent until finally...

      A high performance sports car erupts sideways through the
      mist, pulling plumes of it in its back draft. The car seems
      to drift too far left and goes into a sidelong skid.

      It slides left, then right and just when we think the driver
      is regaining control of the powerful sports car, it tips,
      catching its meaty tires in the macadam and rolls over...
      side over side, bits and pieces flying from the wreckage;
      glass, metal and rubber scattering in all directions.

      After a countless number of flips, the car comes to rest
      upside down, next to a signpost that warns drivers of the
      dangerous curves next 15 miles.

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in the mighty jungle

The hardest part of being me is being patient with people. While I have a great many faults, my biggest is expecting other people to be as quick and concise as I when telling a story or relating an experience. Perhaps my training as a writer should make me much more prone to meandering from … Read more

Breakfast in America

That morning, I woke up late. Even though I lived less than three blocks from school, I would be late if I didn’t hurry. It didn’t dawn on me until much later, that my mother, who usually woke me up for school was not at home. My father, who worked two jobs, wasn’t usually home … Read more

the old man

Joachim “Johnny” Sanchez backed into the darkness of the covered alcove as two guards making their hourly rounds passed his hiding place. Under normal conditions he wouldn’t bother, but his most recent checkup revealed how far the disease ravaging his body had spread. When this news reached his daughter, she raised more sand than he … Read more

another one bites the dust

Writing is easy. In fact, it is by far the easiest thing that I do on a daily basis. It requires very little effort on my part. The process is simple: I think about something, then I write it. I don’t use outlines or any sort of step-by-step process. For the most part, words spill … Read more

walking in my shoes

The sweat trickles down in streams, squeezed from my pores by a relentless sun bearing down from above like a hammer of light. Leaving the house without water now seemed like folly of the worst sort. A mistake that could get you killed… if your arm wasn’t already being ground into hamburger by a 40 … Read more

like a rolling stone

I love me some blues. As illustrated by this post. When I write, I gather up music that puts me in the mind of the character I’m writing for. In most instances, I use blues to find the moral center of a character. What do I mean? Let’s say my character is looking at a … Read more

you never give me money

In a bizarre twist of fate, I’ve just been assigned these article topics by my publisher: Chinese MedicineNatural HealthOriental Medicine (O.M.D.)Equine Massage Specialist In case you’re sitting there saying, "So?" I said this a little over a month ago. The gods have a way of punishing hubris…

simple things

Date: September 26, 2004 12:19From: monkeydiarist@gmail.comTo: Buzzine MagazineImportance: MediumSubject: Horrible grammar! Message: I just paid a visit to your Website and watched an ad for the Buzzine Photo Galleries. The copy in the banner read, "Amazing exclusive photo’s from movie set’s and more. Check them out in the Buzzine Galleries!" Maybe English is your second … Read more