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you never give me money

In a bizarre twist of fate, I’ve just been assigned these article topics by my publisher:

Chinese Medicine
Natural Health
Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.)
Equine Massage Specialist

In case you’re sitting there saying, "So?" I said this a little over a month ago. The gods have a way of punishing hubris…

24 thoughts on “you never give me money”

  1. well, oriental medicine isn’t a sham you know… i mean, when i think ‘healer’ i think……. idk psychic or something. oriental medicine is well-respected by real doctors, eh?

  2. Hahaha! I’m a facist? Is that what your liberal tree-hugging, crystal waving, granola-eating upbringing has taught you? I’m not a lemming… just because a bunch of feelgood types think sitting around singing Kumbaya hoping the noise will keep the scary things in life away doesn’t mean I have to subscribe to the same philosophy. That’s what makes this country great… the opportunity to laugh and point fingers at the weaklings all the while defending their right to be weak. Jen, feel free to be weak… I’ll make sure you continue to have the freedom to do as you please.

  3. Some oriental medicine is respected by “real” doctors. For example acupuncture is now available via the government’s National Health Service – which is not known for its flakinesses.
    I don’t however think that the ground Rhino Horn as an aid to virility thing has been accepted by many…

  4. Well, according to my research, traditional chinese medicine has been around for some 2500 years… that doesn’t validate it, but it does beg the question as to why they haven’t cured all disease after all this time…

  5. e, you’ve been brainwashed because youre living on a colonized military outpost of the greatest empire in the history of mankind. you’re forgiven for being stupid. until you move back to the mainland. then you’re in trouble

  6. no, of course not! That young person. “The greatest empire in history” ? What about the Roman empire which held huge proportion of the known world, far higher than the US, UK, Spanish et al.

    never mind.I just like to annoy her. She’ll post back 176 different quotes from historians to prove me wrong.

  7. hahahah… the everyone knows that the greatest empire the world has ever seen was built in my garage in 1984… it was a summer long RISK tournament and I had conquered the known world…

  8. you’re calling me historically illiterate?

    i won’t deign to grace your stupidity with a response… mostly because i’m not at home now and can’t look up my million and five quotes 🙂

  9. last time i checked, the romans didn’t establish permanent military bases on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS. america, however, has.

  10. “the known world”. military bases aren’t the same as being part of an empire. For a socialist..quite nationalistic….:p

  11. that’s where you’re mistaken. military bases ARE part of an empire. just modern empires. it’s how modern empires work. we can’t establish formal “colonies” like you brits did because that’s gone out of fashion, so now we let everybody else maintain nominal sovereignty while maintaining actual control. i mean goddamnit, we have military bases on GREENLAND, and that’s not even part of the known world nowadays, let alone 2000 years ago.

  12. Jen? What is wrong with empirism? If not the US, then someone else would be the top dog. It is the nature of civilization that some group take the lead. For the sake of argument, and returning to where this comment thread began, I am not a facist, but do believe in the theory that might makes right. I don’t believe in oppressing people or totalitarian governments, but do believe that without a strong government, the world would sink into chaos. Since you’re such a scholar, lets take a look at why WWI and WWII happened at all… do you know why there hasn’t been a major world war in fifty years? It is because the strength of empirical governments that are even mightier and can strike far swifter than their predecessors.

    Is the US an empire? Arguably. Do I care? Not in the least.

  13. w/ respect to the last 50 years, no actually it’s because there were two major empires. now there’s only one. i don’t have a problem with empires, so long as there’s some sort of balance of power involved to keep everyone in check.

    and of course YOU don’t care, you’re american… in that vein i probably shouldn’t care either, except i’ll probably live to see the beginning of the end, which will be depressing, because we abuse our power so badly.

    of course somebody’s got to be on top, but it’s much better when there’s more than one superpower. keeps everybody in line.

  14. the PF is Chinese and was raised by parents who rarely took him to western docs except for vaccinations and being born. He’s one of the healthiest people I know. There is something to the Chinese medicine at least…

    I’m interested in the Equine Massage stuff. I’d be curious to read what you find out about it.

  15. on a semi serious note, well as serious as you can be about equine massage. There is race horse trainer near in Wiltshire who is going the whole “alternative” route to training. Equinie massage, organic feed, no shoes on horses. He was featured on TV a bout a month ago. He only takes on “problem” race horses. All the other trainers are scoffing but he is beginning ( the seasons only just begun) to get some good results. Maybe you want to search him out for the article?

  16. How the hell would I know..Im a penguin. Google. Race horse trainers, wiltshire, shoeless, equine massage

  17. Misha, you’re lazy. Even the limey is more animated than you and he’s virtually catatonic most of the time when he’s not waxing poetic about the weather…

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