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the intraweb is fun

I’ve worked with computers for a long time, long before there was a commercial application of the internet to be exact. I’ve seen my fair share of interesting things and have participated in some interesting online conversations. In all that time I’ve maybe had a handful of of people threaten to kick my ass. When I was living in San Francisco, I actually had someone stalk me to my home and threaten to kick my ass… and up until I walked down stairs (after they rung my bell to tell me to come out so they could kick my ass), I truly believed I had experienced everything the internet had to offer. I can honestly say I’m still not overly worried when someone makes threats, veiled or overt, to kick my ass. So far its Internets 0, me 2 and perhaps that number will change someday. I’m not really afraid to meet people I become acquainted with on the internet. Heck, I dated a girl for a few years after I originally met her online.

Course, I’m not your average nerd. I’m not afraid of most things, and certainly am not afraid of those few internet trolls who think that I’m gonna change my mind if faced with someone in real life. How I behave online is pretty much how I act in real life… this isn’t a persona I adopted in order to live vicariously. What you see is what you get and what you read here is really how I am. And what I say here and elsewhere isn’t just shit I say to be controversial. If I write it, I mean it.

So for any of you big strong internet tough guys who want to kick my ass, feel free to find me in real life. It isn’t as if I try very hard to hide my identity and once you have that, you can find where I live.

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