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emotional rescue

Emotional Rescue

Some people tend to work on emotion. Every action, every decision, every motive is controlled by their emotions. Nine times out of every ten, those decisions will be wrong. Maybe not immediately, but long term, those decisions tend to prove that making decisions when under the thrall of emotion is a bad idea.

I don’t function on emotion.




All my decisions have been based on information and extrapolation about possible outcomes based on that information. Sounds time consuming, but it isn’t really. At least not anymore. I’ve been functioning like this for such a long time that I can scroll down the list of possible options and extrapolate possible outcomes based on those decisions in a few heartbeats. In many cases those decisions may cause me immediate and temporary grief or discomfort, but long term they offer me the best chance at success.

I admit that i like pushing people’s buttons. It allows me to see who they really are… how people behave when off balance can quickly illustrate who can be counted on to perform regardless of the situation.

Weak people function on emotion. Not saying that all people who are emotional are weak, just that most people who are weak tend to function on emotion. I see it every day. It is easiest to get under these people’s skin. When pushed, these people to say or do things they wouldn’t otherwise do or say. Weird but true. And pushing people’s buttons can also show me whether or not that person is someone worthy of my interest/friendship/loyalty.

Plus it is really a lot of fun to make people mad.