Inherently Different

cosmo girls

Cold Play: God Put A Smile On Your Face I know that a good portion of my readership is female (based solely on the number of comments/email I receive from women). I can’t lay claim to having any understanding why that is since I think that I am about as sensitive as a concrete floor. … Read more


“Karma,” a wise man once said, “is a bitch!” Clearly this pundit was a fan of football as this past season has clearly illustrated. In case you were oblivious, this past season saw one team come within a hair’s breadth of finishing the season without a win as well as one team come even closer … Read more

i hate everything about you

There was a time, perhaps 10 years ago, that Madonna was relevant. While anyone with half a brain has since stopped paying attention to that rancid bag of wind, for some reason she continues to fight tooth and nail against the ravages of time and fame. I don’t think I am in the minority believing … Read more

evil woman

In a surprising turn of events, apparently women’s breasts can have an effect on a man. Who knew? I love science. I used to have a roommate with double D breasts. When I first met her, I did my best to ignore them. Ignoring them was extremely difficult as they usually entered any room two … Read more


Frank had an interesting image with an interesting viewpoint on his blog today. I would consider myself unkind if I didn’t offer an opposing viewpoint using the same bumper sticker philosophy. Either can be considered correct depending on which side of the fence you are on… the side with the sheep, or the side with … Read more

stupid girl

I am sure some of you will find this insulting, but people are not only lazy, but they are oftentimes stupid. Stupid because so many people are not willing to exert a little energy to verify things before they go off half-cocked into the world. Someone whom they value/appreciate says, “This is happening,” and rather … Read more

hammer time

“Yes . . . F—ING Yes!!! I LOVE MY JOB, it takes everything reckless and deviant and heathenistic (sic) and just overall bad about me and hyper focuses these traits into my job of running around this horrid place doing nasty things to people that deserve it . . . and some that don’t.” – … Read more

parent trap

Ahhh, Alec Baldwin has a set of brass balls on him. No, not for berating his pre-teen daughter in a voice mail message. But for doing something so freaking brutally honest and not thinking that it would get out to the media. Before I get to the meat of the matter, let me first say … Read more

for whom the gun tolls

I won’t comment on the VT shootings. What I can say on the subject won’t ease the pain nor offer solutions on how to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. I don’t believe gun control laws would prevent someone from killing large groups of people if they are intent on doing so, just … Read more

black is the new white

Jason Whitlock is a sports writer for the Kansas City Star Telegram, but he was also a prominent fixture on and ESPN televsion for the last five or so years. He speaks often about a variety of topics as they relate to sports, but frequently, race has become a big part of his platform. … Read more