Inherently Different

the color of justice

Our society lost its way in the late 80s. We started to deify celebrity to such an extent, we began to lose focus about truly important issues. Around the same time white apologists began a campaign to “right the wrongs” of their culture by calling attention to the many injustices whites held over blacks. The … Read more

parent trap

Ahhh, Alec Baldwin has a set of brass balls on him. No, not for berating his pre-teen daughter in a voice mail message. But for doing something so freaking brutally honest and not thinking that it would get out to the media. Before I get to the meat of the matter, let me first say … Read more

a work in progress

As you can see, this is a new site and a whole new publishing system. I am going to put all the proverbial eggs in one basket so to speak and make one site that holds all the varied activities I enjoy participating in. This obviously is the blog, but also holds my photographs, … Read more


A few weeks ago the Web was astir with conjecture about the identity of the breasts being sold on E-Bay. Well, actually, the breasts themselves weren’t for sale, just the space overlooking the prodiguous, if not slightly leathery, cleavage. The auction claimed that the cleavage belonged to a celebrity. Now, I dislike liars more than … Read more

ripe with decay

I often wonder why people succumb so easily to the drive to preserve life. Even in cases when the life isn’t their own to save. By now just about everyone not in a coma has read or heard about the fight being waged by Terri Schiavo’s parents to keep what is left of their daughter … Read more

The One About Creationists

Have you ever known somebody that holds firm to their beliefs despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary? I’ve had the creationism vs. evolution argument numerous times and have rarely even put a dent in the brick wall that is a creationist’s head. I can bet that various creationists are currently covering their heads with sand … Read more

The One About Bush Winning

There are reasons to take comfort in a Bush win. As a little less than 50% of our nation mourns the perceptive loss of an opportunity to regain some level of respect from the international community, I have come up with the Top 10 Reasons To Celebrate Another 4 Years of Bush. 10. Terrorists can … Read more

The One About Election Day

Is it me or does anyone else think that the election of our government has slipped from our fingers and into the hands of lawyers and courts? Watching the coverage on CNN and MSNBC you’d think that voters are little more than a nusiance and the real vote will happen once the election results are … Read more

The One About The Bushbahs

I had a dream a few nights ago. One in which the country was saved from another four years of really poor management. Unfortunately, they really bad managers were given new jobs. Jobs in which they were fundamentally responsible for the education of our nation’s youth. They created a television show that subliminally changed a … Read more

The One That Makes Me Ill

The fact that Ralph Nader is still running for President of the free world scares me. Is there any doubt that he has the biggest ego on the face of the planet? The way I figure it, Nader is being motivated by one of two different things. The first, is as I stated above… Ego. … Read more