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the color of justice

Our society lost its way in the late 80s. We started to deify celebrity to such an extent, we began to lose focus about truly important issues. Around the same time white apologists began a campaign to “right the wrongs” of their culture by calling attention to the many injustices whites held over blacks. The media ate it up.

Today, you would be hard pressed to find a story about crimes committed by blacks against whites that gets as much airplay as a crime committed by whites against blacks. Perhaps it is the pendulum swinging in the opposite direction, perhaps it is over compensation, but one thing remains clear… it is a danger to our justice system.

In my opinion, the whold Duke Lacrosse rape debacle had its foundations in this attitude of whites trying to punish themselves for 200 years of black oppression. Nifong, the DA in the case in Durham, was disbarred today in an effort to wipe the mud from the faces of the North Carolina justice system, but that probably won’t be enough in the long run.

Another case that probably won’t get much airplay by the main stream media is that of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian, a young couple that was tortured, raped and murdered by a gang of African Americans in Tennessee. It is sad how little media attention this case is getting, but I am not surprised. To call attention to it would be to verify what many people know, but refuse to say out loud. Crimes by blacks against whites is common so it doesn’t deserve the media attention of cases involving whites assaulting blacks.

The link above will give you some insight into what happened (or allegedly happened if we are being pc).

1 thought on “the color of justice”

  1. God, that’s awful. I mean, why would any one do such a thing, let alone a group of people?

    Anyway — interesting post. I haven’t noticed this phenomenon. But, why? Why wouldn’t the media give as much attention to crimes by blacks against whites? That’s ridiculous. Can’t they just report the news whatever it is?

    I hate the whole PC thing, I really do. It is now more important to be politically correct then truthful.

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