Inherently Different

death is only the beginning

I am sure most families have members who cause problems. Whether its through action or inaction, some people just float through life causing problems of various kinds. I would imagine some do it out of spite, others through no fault of their own. They just seem to be followed by problems I suppose. The worst … Read more

surviving the survivors

I have written previously about survival mechanisms. Survival mechanisms are the emotions/skills/mental states/instincts that we rely on when something bad/life threatening happens. By any measure, the way we function when the survival mechanisms kick in is who we REALLY are. Most adults have waded through tragedy on the way to becoming adults. Although those tragedies … Read more

promised you a miracle

Like the last two elections before, the Republicans are hoping that common sense is in short supply when Americans stoll into the voting booth in 2008. They are hoping that enough democrats waste their votes on candidates such as Ron Paul, that the republicans can again steal another election. Back in 2000 and 2004, a … Read more

the color of justice

Our society lost its way in the late 80s. We started to deify celebrity to such an extent, we began to lose focus about truly important issues. Around the same time white apologists began a campaign to “right the wrongs” of their culture by calling attention to the many injustices whites held over blacks. The … Read more

math is for suckers

I was reading one of my favorite bloggers… Frankly Speaking, and he, being the good Republican patriot, was railing against the many people who support the bill being pass around washington of late… a bill providing new war funds while setting a timeline for the withdrawal of all U.S. combat troops from Iraq. In essence, … Read more

for whom the gun tolls

I won’t comment on the VT shootings. What I can say on the subject won’t ease the pain nor offer solutions on how to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. I don’t believe gun control laws would prevent someone from killing large groups of people if they are intent on doing so, just … Read more

black is the new white

Jason Whitlock is a sports writer for the Kansas City Star Telegram, but he was also a prominent fixture on and ESPN televsion for the last five or so years. He speaks often about a variety of topics as they relate to sports, but frequently, race has become a big part of his platform. … Read more

satan is my motor

Perhaps you are aware about the teeth gnashing and unabashed tears being shed over at Flickr because Yahoo! Inc (bought them out in March 2005) and now they MUST create a YAHOOID in order to access the site. On top of that, the threshold for contacts is being lowered (albeit significantly). Now, i fucking hate … Read more

idiot’s guide to getting your ass kicked

Since I am probably the only person of color who frequents this site, so let me opine… Unless you have ever been the victim of racial discrimination, overt or covert, it is hard to grasp the feeling one gets from being singled out because you are NOT white. After a while, because you have been … Read more

keep on rocking in the free world

You know something that I can’t get my head around? Dumb fuckers who are buzz killers. I know, kind of vague, but I didn’t want to miss anyone. Here are the dumb fuckers who I would slap the shit out of if I was ever presented with the opportunity… 10. Anyone who throws pies as … Read more