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keep on rocking in the free world

You know something that I can’t get my head around? Dumb fuckers who are buzz killers. I know, kind of vague, but I didn’t want to miss anyone. Here are the dumb fuckers who I would slap the shit out of if I was ever presented with the opportunity…

10. Anyone who throws pies as a political statement
09. Anyone who thinks that PETA is right
08. Vegans
07. War protesters angry over the death of people who signed up to… well, possibly die in a war.
06. Political bloggers.
05. People who say, “Woot!”
04. Religious extremists
03. Rosie O
02. Gangsta rappers who make music long after they’re dead.
01. Neil Young.

Maybe you’re scratching your head at that last one. Ok, I can understand how it is confusing, so I’ll fill you in. Neil Young is many things, but a role model for a rock band? No thanks. He single handedly ruined what could have possibly been the greatest rock and roll band of all time. Pearl Jam.

14 thoughts on “keep on rocking in the free world”

  1. Neil Young peaked when he played with crosby, stills, and nash… outside of that, his music is crap. the us army pumps it into the caves in afghanistan to annoy muslim extremists into giving up.

  2. Weirdly we agree on everything except Neil Young. I could really care less about Neil Young. I could take him or leave him but I’d probably not add him to a list.

    I once worked with a PETA vegan hippie dude on a contract in California and that pretty much cinched my decision to get the hell out.

    PETA has got to be the dumbest organization in the world. And then vegans….well, let’s face it, the blandest and most difficult diet ever. They are a pain in the ass to hang with because of this and I still don’t know what their problem is with eggs.

  3. I’d like to join this conversation but am embarressed by my lack of knowledge as to who Rosie O is ?

    I do know that Colombus wasn’t an American and so am slightly baffled as to why you all have a day off in his honour?

  4. Oh no, you misunderstand limey… columbus day is a celebration in which everyone celebrates NOT living in columbus, Ohio.

    Rosie O is rosie o’donnel… a rather large woman who is most famous for being the host of a talk show. Some might know here for being Madonna’s lesbian lover. Either way, she’s a bit nutty.

  5. lol… e!, have you been to columbus? it’s kinda nice…

    rosie-o lives in my town… she is not supposed to be too nice. madonna used to have a house here too but she doesn’t anymore… rosie-o doesn’t let kids trick-or-treat… she yells at them… isn’t that mean?

  6. ok excuse me e! yea what are people who actually LIVE in columbus ohio supposed to do on columbus day?!? It is bad enough living here without people making fun of it– Can’t you just let me pretend I live in a cool place?!

  7. hahahah… I’m sorry Dawn. People who live in columbus, OH celebrate the fact that the rest of the nation is completely clueless!

  8. Wait, Madonna lives up the road from me now but no fat lesbians in sight. Actually we didnt have lesbians in this country until recently coz Queen Victoria couldnt believe that they existed and so refused to sign the Act of Parliament that made them illegal or something. This resulted in Lesbians in Legal Limbo.

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