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There are few things that are as infuriating as overcomplicated something that is supposed to be simple. A case in point is Microsoft’s attempt to simplify the use of usernames and passwords for both your own network and the web. Lets say you use Internet Explorer to access a webpage that has a login screen. For instance, a webmail site… a little window pops up for your username and password. In one corner you’ll see a check box to “remember” your visit.

That’s all well and good, but what if you let some knuckle use your computer to check their email… or login to their porn site account… whatever. They inadvertantly click on remember and you’ll be stuck with that login username and see it everytime you visit a site that has the windows login script. Stuck with it right? No.

Here’s how to get rid of any unwanted usernames and passwords for that pesky windows login screen you see when you visit password protected websites…

Click on Control Panel
User Accounts
Click on your Account
At the top, at the upper left, click on MANAGE MY NETWORK PASSWORDS
Click on the username you want to remove, and click on REMOVE
Click on CLOSE and you’re done.

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