Inherently Different

oops, I did it again

I was going to post a video journal, but for some reason, it craps out in the middle… just when I’m explaining how my video would be better than limey’s because I, unlike him, have mastered the English language. I’m trying to work it out so please be patient. On a more successful note, I’ve … Read more


You’ll notice that almost immediately upon load, music starts playing. The most current working version of the monkey music radio player is on your left. I’m just learning to work with actionscripting so, be gentle with your critique. I know, the other one was nifty, but it was cumbersome to change music. This new one … Read more

whole lotta rosie

[xspf]_start(FALSE, ‘order=11’)[/xspf] There are few things that are as infuriating as overcomplicated something that is supposed to be simple. A case in point is Microsoft’s attempt to simplify the use of usernames and passwords for both your own network and the web. Lets say you use Internet Explorer to access a webpage that has a … Read more