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oops, I did it again

I was going to post a video journal, but for some reason, it craps out in the middle… just when I’m explaining how my video would be better than limey’s because I, unlike him, have mastered the English language. I’m trying to work it out so please be patient.

On a more successful note, I’ve built three new players. I intend to customize these players so that they’ll fit any blog color scheme and layout. For right now, the players are about 200 pixels wide which means that anyone with the standard sidebar width of 200 pixels in a three column layout will experience problems. If your sidebar is wider than 200 pixels, no worries. I’m still playing with the player layout and I’m sure I can fit all the various pieces into a 150 pixel wide layout.

NOTE: I’ve revised the players and now you can have your choice between a skinny, healthy player of only 150 pixels in width which is just perfect for those who prefer 3 column blog designs (you know who you are). For a limited time, I will create a custom player skin for you featuring your blogs colors and any artwork you want featured…

Here are the new player options…

Black w/ Green Accents:


Blue with Dark Blue Accents


and Pink with Magenta Accents:


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