Inherently Different


You’ll notice that almost immediately upon load, music starts playing. The most current working version of the monkey music radio player is on your left. I’m just learning to work with actionscripting so, be gentle with your critique. I know, the other one was nifty, but it was cumbersome to change music. This new one uses an XML play list. Now instead of having to update the FLA, I can just update the XML file and voila! She is done! Anyway, hold your horses and soon I’ll deliver a post (in fact, a video post to rival limey’s christmas post) that will knock your boots off.

And as far as the music player is concerned, here is my christmas gift to each of you… If you want one of your very own, I can customize one for you that you can put up on your own blog. The only thing you would need to do is have some server space available to you… if you’re on typepad, you have plenty of room to both store it and stream the content. I can help you with it if you’re remotely interested.

9 thoughts on “prototype”

  1. This is so cool! Can I be your bitch? I’ll shape my eyebrows and shave my legs for you…

    Please please make me one. Pleeeease!

  2. PS. Bitter experience leads me to suggest a 24 hour period of water and cress diet before making video diary..just a suggestion.

  3. You Ed, are one helluva guy. Over at my other bloggy poo I need a good way to add a soundtrack to some of my posts and I think this is a good way to go…I gots some questions so I’ll email you later.
    BTW, Do you have a mailing address I can send a little somefin’ to?

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