Inherently Different

cover of the rolling stone

I’m of the mindset that musical artists have a responsibility to maintain some level of separation from other musical artists. I mean, it’s ok to do a mash up or feature another artist on a song or two, but when that influence changes the landscape of one artist’s music forever? A fan has to draw the line somewhere. If I could remove any musician from history, chances are it would be Neil Young. While I know many people think he is a musical genius, I’m not one of them. To me, he is a lot more like Corky from Life Goes On with more hair and a guitar.

A long time ago, in a land far away, I discovered a rock band that was quite possibly the last great rock & roll show. They had the perfect blend of musical ability, showmanship, and social consciousness. These are the very things that turn rock stars into rock gods. Short of having some kind of urban legend attached to your name like David Bowie and Mick Jagger, it is musical genius that can set you apart from your contemporaries.

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i hate everything about you

There was a time, perhaps 10 years ago, that Madonna was relevant. While anyone with half a brain has since stopped paying attention to that rancid bag of wind, for some reason she continues to fight tooth and nail against the ravages of time and fame. I don’t think I am in the minority believing … Read more

jane says

[xspf]_start(FALSE, ‘order=5′)[/xspf] Few songs have meant as much to me as the 1988 Jane’s Addiction anthem, Jane Says. Apparently I am not the only one who likes that song. In fact, in the first six months of 2001, it was broadcast more than 12,000 times, according to Mediabase, a company that monitors radio airplay. Despite … Read more

music for the masses

Many of you are probably unaware how much music influences my daily life. I wake in the morning and before I even rub the goo out of my eyes, I have music setting the tone for the day. Most often, it is so I can generate the motivation to walk the 25 feet into my … Read more

rock and roll high school

Taking my cue from Chai & Apple Pie, I thought I’d write a post about music. I’ve attended a lot of concerts in my day… the following is the list of all the bands i’ve seen perform live… well, a list of all the bands I remember seeing anyway. Oingo Boingo (35x) Nine Inch Nails … Read more


I want to introduce you to the next big thing… maybe you’ve heard of them… maybe you haven’t. I live on a volcanic rock in the middle of the pacific ocean so I rarely get news before most of you. Chances are I’m late on this, but I’m holding out hope that I’m one step … Read more

(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone

There is nothing worse than a hypocrite… someone, or some group for that matter, that preaches one thing, then practices something else. Rock & Roll stars are possibly the biggest hypocrites this side of televangelists and that is one of the reasons why I think the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a joke. … Read more

waiting for the night

I will, if asked, by you my adoring bloggaratti (ED. NOTE: it means fellow bloggers), burn a custom CD for your listening pleasure… I will fill said CD with the music I think you should listen to as it is often the music I have on in the background as I peruse your website. This … Read more

keep on rocking in the free world

You know something that I can’t get my head around? Dumb fuckers who are buzz killers. I know, kind of vague, but I didn’t want to miss anyone. Here are the dumb fuckers who I would slap the shit out of if I was ever presented with the opportunity… 10. Anyone who throws pies as … Read more

whole lotta rosie

[xspf]_start(FALSE, ‘order=11’)[/xspf] There are few things that are as infuriating as overcomplicated something that is supposed to be simple. A case in point is Microsoft’s attempt to simplify the use of usernames and passwords for both your own network and the web. Lets say you use Internet Explorer to access a webpage that has a … Read more