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waiting for the night

I will, if asked, by you my adoring bloggaratti (ED. NOTE: it means fellow bloggers), burn a custom CD for your listening pleasure… I will fill said CD with the music I think you should listen to as it is often the music I have on in the background as I peruse your website. This particular endeavor is limited to the first five (5) respondents to this post and must be regular readers/commentators… (see, it pays to comment so I know you exist!)

(ED. NOTE: What I mean to say, is that I will hand pick some music, burn a cd, then send it to you at the address of your choosing. The music will be significant because it is music that reminds me of you.)

11 thoughts on “waiting for the night”

  1. What??? I don’t get it. What’s a bloggaratti?

    Well. . .I read and comment regularly and I am pretty sure you know I exist. But I still don’t get it so maybe this doesn’t count.

    I think I need a nap.

  2. oh well in that case – me! me! me!

    (and thanks for not kicking me off even though I’m being a moron today)

  3. When I read ‘ED. NOTE’, it took me a minute to realize you didn’t mean Ed, as in your name, you meant Editor. I’m slow, give me a break!

  4. Hmm, as I count it, there are only 4 requests above, so count me in.

    Althought this is my first comment, so that may disqualify me. But I only found your blog a couple weeks ago. But I linked you the day I found you. So clearly you could not have put the poison in my cup.

  5. Hahahah! Yes, I always listen to show tunes when perusing ally’s blog (which i’m not allowed to link on my sidebar by the way).

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