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nothing’s impossible

The Red Queen and I have been sucked in by Lost (season one on dvd) and I’ve given careful thought to the idea of being stuck on a desert island with a bunch of complete strangers.

Often, during calamities, you can figure out who you can trust to keep their shit together and whom you can count on to fold like card table. Me? I’m a survivor and have no problem imagining myself on a desert island and being quite happy. I’m not the kind of guy who would gather everyone up and tell them to cowboy up, lead them to safety or help them get their shit together… in fact, i’m more likely to be the one silently creeping up on the weak links and suffocating them while they sleep… ok, just kidding… sort of.

So then I started thinking about who I would want at my back in case my plane went down on a desert island. A few friends came to mind, but then I thought why not invite a few of my fellow bloggers to join me in my survivalist fantasy.

Here’s a list of my favorite bloggers and as an aside, which character on Lost they remind me of…

6 (of 6togo): Knowledgeable, resourceful and shares my love for The Ladies Man. 6 reminds me of Kate on Lost.

Limey (of Collected Whines): Having spent a better part of his adult life as a humanitarian aid worker, you would think he picked up a trick or two as a survivalist. Limey reminds me of Charlie.

Pea (of Up the Junction): An enigma who understands a lot more than she lets on at any given moment. Pea reminds me of Sun.

Dawn (of the now defunct Chai and Apple Pie): Dawn is another enigma that seems ready to step into a leadership role when the going gets tough. Dawn shares more than just this trait with Ana Lucia Cortez… Dawn, like Ana Lucia, disappeared off the island recently.

Laura (of Daxahol): Laura is a new mom (relatively) and has a fierce connection with her son Dax that leads me to believe that she would do anything to make sure her son survives. For this she reminds me of Claire.

Charlie (of the newly discovered Karmic Irony): While I’ve just only started reading Charlie’s blog, I’ve dug deeply into his archives and have been riveted by his story… He reminds me of Hurley for a number of reasons, the least of which is how Charlie uses humor to make sense of the world around him.

If I was gonna pick a character on Lost who I think best exemplifies who I am in crisis situations, I’d say it was John Locke. Mostly because he is willing to do what his fellow castaways are not and isn’t prone to succumbing to emotion. Plus I’m bald and old.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it…

Oh, and if cookie is reading this… you remind me of the useless bodies that were sucked out of the plane just before they crashed, never to be seen again. Hopefully.

7 thoughts on “nothing’s impossible”

  1. without wishing to undermine my survivalist credentials pls check my site and mail me with advice. Its all going pear shaped….
    Cheers old chap

  2. i’d say you’re a cross between locke and hurley. mostly cause you crack my sith up (like hurley) and drink courvosier like it’s going out of style (er, like locke?) something like that.

  3. e!, i must say you flatter yourself by assuming i read your blog.. i got here entirely by accident from… but thanks for the insult. glad to see i’m on your mind…

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