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i hate everything about you

Madonna is Older Than They PyramidsThere was a time, perhaps 10 years ago, that Madonna was relevant. While anyone with half a brain has since stopped paying attention to that rancid bag of wind, for some reason she continues to fight tooth and nail against the ravages of time and fame.

I don’t think I am in the minority believing that Madogna’s best years are way behind her. Everytime I see her these days, the more I understand why old people frighten children. I still have nightmares from the 3 seconds I saw of her sporting a leotard. Isn’t there a rule against octogenarians wearing spandex? Shouldn’t there be? Amirite? What’s worse, I am hard-pressed to discern the difference between Madonna and Keith Richards… I am beginning to think they are the same person… why don’t you ever see them both at the same time?

I honestly wish that some of the biggest fame whores like Madonna would simply disappear. I know there are still a few people who still believe there is something worthwhile about her or her music, but I just don’t understand it. If someone asked me twenty years ago whether or not we’d be listening to a new album from Madonna in 2008, I would have laughed in their face… then punched them for putting the thought into my head.

I think Madonna is much like Liza Minnelli (and judy garland before her)… a gay icon whose sole worth is giving the transgender/transvestite peformers someone to emulate well into their sixties and seventies.

This song reminds me of Madonna: Tool – Stinkfist
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  1. Well, I haven’t noticed Madonna all that much in recent years but I am a fan. She’s kept herself looking pretty good, I’d say. 🙂

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