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music for the masses

Many of you are probably unaware how much music influences my daily life. I wake in the morning and before I even rub the goo out of my eyes, I have music setting the tone for the day. Most often, it is so I can generate the motivation to walk the 25 feet into my office and work, sometimes to go out for a walk/run, or to deal with whatever goals I set for the day.

Music has been missing from the blog here for some time. That changes today. On the right sidebar there is a player that will have whatever mp3 files I am listening to at any given time. Sometimes they will change daily, sometimes weekly, sometimes not for months. If I find anything interesting though, I will post about it and embed a special player in the post. Right now I am knee deep into Eels and so, everything in the player right now is from that band. If you don’t know who the Eels are, perhaps you should check them out.

If you have a word press blog, and would like to set up the music player on your site, send me an email and I will walk you through it.

Hope you are all having fun with whatever it is you are doing.

3 thoughts on “music for the masses”

  1. Hey no fair! How did you do that? I gave myself a headache trying to figure out how to put a music player on my sidebar. . .and obviously I was unsuccesful.

  2. 1. Go here:
    2. Download the player (click on the link that is coincidently labled, DOWNLOAD.
    3. Extract the archive into your plugins folder.

    Alternatively, you can go into the wordpress management tool and click on plugins and then add it that way too i believe, but since I am an uber nerd, I like doing things the hard way.

    Once you activate the plugin, you just have to do a few little code edits and voila, she is done!

    Ask me and I can walk you through it through IM.

  3. I don’t think this will work on my blog. While looking for a plugins tab I found out that, apparently, wordpress does not permit the uploading and use of plugins. So, I will say it again: Hey no fair!

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