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“I could be wrong, I could be right,” – John Lydon, Public Image Limited

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There are things that you should experience in this lifetime. Of course, in most cases, those experiences can lead to feelings of guilt in people who are prone to those types of feelings. I’m not one of those people.

Guilt is an emotion that removes control of a particular situation from you and I don’t particularly care for feelings like that. This isn’t to say I’m a hedonist who doesn’t play by some semblance of rules. I just refuse to allow my actions to be used against me. I do what I want to do, within reason, but think before I act on any impulses.

I think most people who are insecure in their own choices tend to feel guilty and tend to make others around them feel guilty. Guilty for being happy, guilty for feeling sad, guilty for buying expensive clothes, guilty for not feeling guilty even.

Those are mind games that I won’t play. I believe all adults have the right to choose for themselves so long as they are willing to deal with any repercussions that arise from them. Eat that cake, buy that dress, leave your kids for a few hours, have another drink… all of those actions have repercussions, but if you know what they are in advance and are willing to accept them, why should you feel something as base as guilt?

I’d rather rise to the occasion, than sink into despair.

1 thought on “rise”

  1. Great song to start the day to. (This is not) A Love Song next please.

    People do tend to feel guilt around the most inconsequential things and then wallow in that sense of guilt like a warthog in mud. This I can’t stand. Of course there are things that some of us do that we should feel guilty about but then, as you say, do something about.

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