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the big comedown

Some random thoughts for a tuesday… brought to you by a complete lack of caffeine…

Am I the only one who thinks that madonna is quickly becoming the Cher of Generation V? Oh, in case you’re wondering, Generation V is the "Vapid" collective of materialistic 20 somethings whose icons include such notable personages as Paris Hilton (P Hiddy), Lindsay Lohan (Hohan), Mary Kate & Ashley (The Scarecrow & Ms King).

The sheehan woman who keeps trying to get a meeting with the president reminds me of a stalker trying her darndest to convince the world she’s having her rockstar crush’s baby. While I know some of you feel for her, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass that her numbfuck child willingly signed up for the military and "GASP" was deployed to a dangerous country to DO THE FUCKING JOB he signed up for! Perhaps in the interest of keeping the gene pool free of morons, this wasn’t such a bad thing afterall.

I tried out googletalk for a while there, but now that particular little piece of tech has been banished from my system. Seems more than a few of you have done the same since last I checked few of you ever logged on. You can still reach me through yahoo if you need advice, lottery numbers, cigarettes, army issue SAW chainguns, or frilly chiffon dresses.

I was talking to someone the other day that thought that Bob Dylan was a genius. I had to explain that Dylan is like the drug-addled uncle everyone tolerates, but secretly wishes would just die so you can get your cut of th inheritence. I mean, he never really had a talent unless you count his ability to warble like a loon while playing a guitar, a pair of knee cymbals, a harmonica and tuba out of his ass. I always expected a troupe of clowns to exit from a tiny car whenever he played music… it could happen.

After visiting a few blogs recently that still had Katrina Relief badges on their sites, I wondered how long you need to wait before you can remove them and not have people think you’re callous? Like 10 or fifteen minutes after media crews film the last bloated body drifting down the mississppi? Is that too soon?

It’s coming up on the rainy season here on maui. This year I’m committed to filming one of our downpours for your enjoyment. It isn’t rain as much as it is millions of gallons of water dropping on the island all at once… it is pretty spectacular.

I’m bored with my music lately. Nothing seems to get blood flowing into my tensile tissue lately. Anyone have any suggestions? The first person who suggest an Emo band will be pulled apart by a troop of mascara wearing monkeys and lip gloss gibbons.

5 thoughts on “the big comedown”

  1. Its old but its good: Tavlin Singh – O.K.

    Im glad you explainned Generation “V”; as the only one of those lot I have heard of is Madonna I clearly cant belong in that lot…

  2. Well, I’m happy to know that I don’t fit into Generation V, but I’m still trying to figure out exactly which generation I fit into. To young for Generation X, and to old for the MTV Generation (or Generation Y, whichever you prefer to call it). Thankfully, my life does not depend on knowing which one I fall into.

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