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If you read my comments in the Hana photo album, you would have discovered I had some interesting photos that complimented one of the shots. Here is the animation for you all to enjoy. I laughed my ass off… First a bit of info on what was happening when I took the series of images that make up the animation.

The Red Queen and Arie were being "daring" and walking onto some rocks in the path of some rather powerful waves that were rolling into the beach in Keanae. Arie is pregnant and the Red Queen’s reflexes aren’t what they used to be so I was a bit fascinated by their gumption.

I stood back waiting for what I knew might happen.

Up they went onto the rocks and I started snapping pictures. As they noticed what was coming, where they were in relation to safety, and how I was enjoying myself, they realized they weren’t as smart and daring as they thought… although, it makes for a rather entertaining blog post.

Here it is.

Also, a few of you have asked what kind of stuff I write professionally. Here is a recent article I wrote… It pays well and you learn a great deal about things you might not otherwise have the inclination to research… As a friend of mine once said, "E, you know just enough about everything to be dangerous…" That about sums it up, don’tcha think?

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  1. Ah, only a bit of a splash – I was expecting something more dramatic! Cool, though.

    I am glad to say we already have new windows. 🙂

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