Inherently Different


I am a procrastinator. Writing that, I should really also imply that I am a procrastinator like Pol Pot was a mass murderer, which is to say, if I am going to do something, I go all out. See, a while back, I was tagged by Nina to do something or other… I believe it … Read more


“I could be wrong, I could be right,” – John Lydon, Public Image Limited Powered by Castpost There are things that you should experience in this lifetime. Of course, in most cases, those experiences can lead to feelings of guilt in people who are prone to those types of feelings. I’m not one of those … Read more

god save the queen

For Limey @ Collected Whines 1. You are a pretty resilient fellow.2. My Way (sex pistols version)3. Iman (well, she’s good enough for David Bowie!)4. Where’s Your Passport?5. Reading the post that detailed exactly what happened to you and thinking, "What a twit!" Then reading more, and realizing that you’re a fucking genius, and an … Read more

let’s get it started

For Pea @ up the junction 1. If I ever need to hide proceeds from my drug sales, I’m borrowing your pants.2. Go!3. Cherry4. You one haole girl, yeah?5. Your post about Howard Jones on Hit Me Baby One More Time… brought back memories long surpressed due to drug-addled loss of data from my mind.6. … Read more


For my friend Sparkle (aka Kellie) 1. Why would you buy a fricking horse when a boathouse in Key West would have been better?2. St. Elmo’s Fire3. Butterscotch4. <pinkerton>Riggggghhhhhttttt!</pinkerton>5. Ignoring you as I passed by your cubicle for two straight weeks until you begged to be my friend.6. Heroin: A hard habit to break.7. Did … Read more

one step beyond

For Meimur @ Socially Inept 1. I wonder what she had for breakfast today?2. Farenheit 9/113. Blueberry4. More Inhuman Than Human5. The Haiku’s you wrote on your blog constantly while in college (which you don’t do very often anymore I might add).6. Methamphetamine: Amp up, come down, repeat.7. When will you get back to posting … Read more

before the dawn

For Dawn @ Chai & Apple Pie 1. Super Model looks coupled with Super Genius intellect? Who knew that was even possible?2. Aeon Flux3. Strawberry4. America’s Finest City is pretty boring if you’re a teen.5. Comments on another blog that led me back to Chai & Apple Pie.6. Opium: Exotic and Enlightening.7. How hard was … Read more

shine on you crazy diamond

I’ve stated publicly that this blog would never revert to posting memes… I figure memes are best used by people who don’t have something else to write about… I always have something to write about, despite the fact that I’m posting less frequently than I used to. Of course, as the saying goes, “the best … Read more