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god save the queen

For Limey @ Collected Whines

1. You are a pretty resilient fellow.
2. My Way (sex pistols version)
3. Iman (well, she’s good enough for David Bowie!)
4. Where’s Your Passport?
5. Reading the post that detailed exactly what happened to you and thinking, "What a twit!" Then reading more, and realizing that you’re a fucking genius, and an incredibly resilient person who was wiser than his experiences would lead one to believe. Out of all the blogs I read daily, I think I visit Limey’s about twenty times a day… he could actually verify how often.
6. Hashish
7. Do you regret the choices you’ve made and do you think you make the same choices given a chance to do it all over?

Finally, I have to say that of all the people I’ve met on the Internet, Limey is one of the few that I would invite out to Maui to hang out… in fact, the offer still stands.

2 thoughts on “god save the queen”

  1. Hey I didn’t get to read that post about Limey! What did happen? Oh man. .do I have to go look in his archives now?
    And Limey should go visit you. . I want to see pictures if he does!

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