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the jack

Nothing is more irritating than failing to live up to your own expectations. Lots of people feel perfectly at ease functioning at or below expectations… I am not one of those people. I’ve a broken rib and it prevents me from being myself at present.

I’ve broken plenty of bones over the course of my lifetime. Some of those bones have even been my own. When I was younger, I think adrenaline prevented me from noticing how much something hurt and more importantly, prevented me from being incapacitated by pain.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind pain. In fact, some types of pain I rather enjoy. I’ve suffered concussions, breaks, tears, dislocations, separations, cuts, contusions, hyperextensions, and convulsions and haven’t minded how they felt. But there is a certain type of pain that I can do without. It’s the grating sensation when a bone splinters. A clean break is ok, but a splintered bone tends to feel like someone is grinding glass into an open wound (which I have also experienced) and I don’t like that particular feeling at all. A nice dull, throbbing pain is nice and always welcome, though.

I broke some ribs on New Years Eve two years ago and it took forever to heal, because: A) I don’t like being sedentary; B) I had a cold and every cough or sneeze, aggravated the injury; C) I would forget about the injury and do stupid shit.

I often wonder what my full body x-ray would look like. I am pretty sure that it would look like a road atlas. Perhaps I should donate my body to science…

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  1. I went hiking with the Red Queen. She scrambles around like a monkey and I’m not as young as I used to be. Down a pretty steep path, almost vertical, I reached for a hand hold and I slipped and smacked my left side on a tree branch. When I was younger, and had more muscle on my bones, this would be a bruise.

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