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promised you a miracle

politically incorrectLike the last two elections before, the Republicans are hoping that common sense is in short supply when Americans stoll into the voting booth in 2008. They are hoping that enough democrats waste their votes on candidates such as Ron Paul, that the republicans can again steal another election. Back in 2000 and 2004, a large group of people voted their “conscience” rather than for the good of the country and consequently we find ourselves 7 years into possibly the most disheartening presidency in history.

Had no one voted for the third party candidate (Nader) , and instead voted for the most viable candidate that best exhibited a preponderance of their beliefs, we wouldn’t be knee deep in an unpopular war with a country that will NEVER be a democracy no matter how many locals we brainwash. The region has been at war with its neighbors and itself for well over 2000 years and nothing short of a well placed nuclear strike will change the ideological perspective of these people.

Nader’s lame duck run at the oval office has now twice usurped enough votes in the last two presidential elections to allow the Republican/Christian fanatics to gain control of the presidency. As such we have seen our rights trampled, democracy stained, and worse yet, our country divided along economic, social and moral lines.

Hopefully this time around the people who insist on wasting their votes on candidates that have absolutely no chance of leading this country will do us all a favor and take a few math classes to better understand odds.

Now, I really don’t care who you vote for and while the whole, “Who are you to tell me who to vote for?” song and dance really won’t do much to convince me you aren’t a complete idiot if you choose to vote you “conscience.” What I do care about is making sure that the next president truly does represent the majority of the American people, not just the ones who carry bank statements in one hand that are as thick as the bibles they carry in their other hand.

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  1. For someone who so despises racism, you spout enough prejudices of your own to fill an encyclopedia. You regularly denigrate Christians and Republicans and any mix thereof as being the worst people on the face of the planet, while sitting on your high horse, pointing at all the white folks and how we hate those dirty Mexicans.

    What I would love to know is just how this country would have been better off to have elected either Kerry or Gore. Our national defense would have been decimated just as it was under Clinton, taxes would be higher, and you would be paying out the ass for all the price increases due to Gore’s beloved Kyoto Protocol.

    Besides the idiots at the TSA and the song and dance you have to go through before boarding a plane, just how many rights have you lost? When was the last time the jack-booted thugs stopped by your house to make sure you owned a bible, went to church and voice the appropriate messages on your blog?

    Or is America the same as it always was, and you are still free to spew this nonsense any time you want, to anyone you want, without fear of arrest or reeducation?

    And I know you’re smart enough to realize that America has been divided down political and moral lines as long as there has been an America. Or maybe I should send you a couple history books.

  2. Let’s see… what have we lost in terms of rights? Under your friend GW, the government has attempted to rewrite “every available statute” in their effort to root out “the terrorists among us.”
    Your friends in the White House have wrapped themselves in the flag in order to shred the Constitution. They have sneered at, ignored, or defied the courts and legislatures that are designed to provide checks and balances on uninhibited executive power. They have eroded the precious Bill of Rights protections of free speech, assembly, and association and its assurances of privacy, due process, equal protection, legal counsel, and a fair trial—practically everything but the right to bear arms.

    Are you fucking kidding? C’mon Frank, even you can’t possibly expect rational adults to believe that nothing has changed. As far as a better US under Gore or Kerry? Yeah, we couldn’t possibly be under the same economic weight we are under to support this completely unneccessary war. The national debt grows daily all to support a “combat action” the American people do not want nor believe is righteous.

    And again Frank, nothing in our history compares to religion when it comes to suffering. I can’t be a racist if I denigrate Republicans and Chirstians… that must makes me intolerant… not racist. As for my jabs at “whitey,” well since I am currently living with and in involved with a “whitey” it makes it really hard to be racist, but I do try.

    And Yes Frank, I do believe that Christians are responsible for a great many problems in this country RIGHT NOW. The beliefs of the common Christian are probably not the same as the beliefs of the fanatical christians that make up Bush’s base (just like the fanatical muslims that are the base of Al Qaeda are not representative of all Muslims).

    Send me some history books! I would like to know what bizarro world education you had as a child to form your warped sense of the world 🙂

  3. You want to see how the current administration is different than former when it comes to Christianity?

    Let’s see, how about Teddy Roosevelt’s D Day prayer. Let’s see a politician get away with doing that on national tv today.

    How about Lincoln declaring a national day of prayer and thanksgiving to God. And by God, we mean God in the Judeo, Christian sense. Not any God you see fit to worship.

    How about George Washington’s first inaugural address

    The entire second paragraph is spent giving thanks to God and asking for His blessing on the newly formed nation.

    The list goes on and on.

    I know that you have a personal animus towards Christianity, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has done tremendous good throughout history. You try desperately to make religion the source of all evil in this world, while I point out that it is not religion that is evil, it is mankind that is inherently evil, and as such can twist any institution for evil. Terrible things have been done in the name of Christianity, but that doesn’t mean that the basic tenants of faith of Christianity are evil, it means people are stupid.

    Love your neighbor as yourself. Greater love hath no man than this, then a man lay down his life for his friend. If people followed but only those two statements from the Bible, this world would be a better place.

    And again, you throw out a lot of generalities about how your liberties are being eroded, but again I ask you just how this has effected you daily life in any way whatsoever. I would dare say that you can’t point to a single instance where a Bush policy has personally impacted you.

    We may not be under the same economic weight that we are from this war, but even you can’t tell me that you don’t believe that there wouldn’t have been more attacks on U.S. soil if we hadn’t taken the fight to them. Terrorist attacks against us have been steadily increasing over the last 20 years, especially after all the attacks in the 90s that had no real retaliation. They view pacificity as weakness and a sign that they are winning. So yeah, we could have kept our heads in the sand and done nothing, and before long we would be fighting this war here in this country rather than over there. Personally, I prefer taking the fight to them.

    You know I have a lot of problems with Bush, but in this war, he was right. He made some bad judgement calls along the way, but things are definitely moving in the right direction now. We may not have democracy in the middle east in our lifetime, but we damn sure won’t have terrorists on American streets, either.

    Until you get your way and some pussified Democrat is elected, anyway.

  4. At what point during my comment did you see me say that no president prior to bush was a whacked out christofacist? The world will see true peace when religion is no longer a driving force in government.

    I wholeheartedly disagree with just about everything you have written Frank as it pertains to the value of what we are doing in Iraq. Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism up until we occupied the country… then terrorist entered iraq AFTER the US began its occupation. And lets be clear, techncially, the fighters in iraq are not terrorists… they are fighting to push the US out… that is not terrorism in the true sense of the word. As far as terrorist acts on the US, they were few and far between up until 9/11… after 9/11 they tapered off… there have been NO significant attacks on US soil since 9/11.

  5. I would point you to this video of Al Gore in 1992 speaking about what a lousy president Bush 41 was because he was ignoring Saddam’s ties to terrorists.

    Terrorists, specifically Al-Qaeda, were operating in Iraq long before we rolled in.

    And the recent attacks in London prove what I’ve been saying all along. They want to attack us, whether we are there or not. And it’s not just the common rabble, as there were MDs involved with this. The more we fight and kill over there, hopefully the less we have here.

  6. I don’t see the correlation… Gore was pointing out that Bush Sr should have done more. At the time of his statement, there is no way he could have known what kind of clusterfuck Bush junior (who was still snorting coke and pretending to be the owner of a baseball franchise) was gonna make of the entire world… today, you would be hard pressed to find someone with any intelligence who believes that a continued presence in Iraq to stem the tide of terrorists rushing into the us makes sense (economically, morally, or constitutionally).

    There are no terrorist threats to the US in iraq… I would bet your life on it…

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