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satan is my motor

Perhaps you are aware about the teeth gnashing and unabashed tears being shed over at Flickr because Yahoo! Inc (bought them out in March 2005) and now they MUST create a YAHOOID in order to access the site. On top of that, the threshold for contacts is being lowered (albeit significantly).

Now, i fucking hate whiny people with a passion. A lot of that comes from my upbringing (where unless you lost an appendage AND were burned over 90% of your body, at the same time you were not allowed to cry without much verbal abuse), but I really can’t understand when people complain about completely trivial things. The fact that a business (whether the original or a new, parent company) decides that a change in their operating paradigm is necessary (or desired) is part of life and something that a reasonable and intelligent customer (user) should understand and roll with. Of course, in an age where customers believe that the world revolves around them, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me to see and read the completely ignorant and selfish vitriol being lashed out out Flickr and Yahoo.

Having to change your user id? Annoying to be sure, but worth spilling precious saline over? Hardly. There are so many things in the world to be indignant over… The inept administration of the war, the fact that my San Diego Chargers can’t win a big game to save their lives, the price of a caramel macchiatto here on maui, the legal ramifications of strangling idiots who piss me off… the list is endless without having to resort to begrudging a business from doing what it believes it needs to do to offer a better, more cost effective product. The world is a tool shed to be sure, but the intraweb seems to be HOME DEPOT on Father’s Day.

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  1. It all started with the damn saying, “the customer is always right.” Well, the customer is not always right, and in fact, the customer is usually a flaming fucktard who couldn’t find his ass in the dark using both hands.

    People don’t understand basic economics. If you don’t like the changes that a company has made, find someone else to do business with. They will either change to get you back, or you’ll find a new place to do business that makes you happy. Either way, I don’t want to hear about their whining.

    I, too, was raised with the “suck it up” mentality. Dad’s favorite quote was, “If you want sympathy look between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

  2. Ahhh… an attempt by a mouse, or a person pretending to be a mouse…or… er, um someone who relies on a fictional identity to better allow her/him/it to insult (arguably his/her/its idea of an insult is much different than mine) other blogs. Meh, weak-ass attempt at an insult regardless.

  3. Ahhh .. an attempt by someone to evade the point. You know, whining about whiney people turns you into the thing you hate the most. Suck it up! Buy a helmet.

  4. Eh, semantics… You call it whining, I call it exposing malcontents. Just like you believe that you are funny, I believe that I am not whining. Your blog sucks by the way… i spent a good 20 minutes trying to find something worthwhile (or mildly amusing) and I came away with nothing to show for my trouble but 20 minutes I will never get back.

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