Inherently Different


The Red Queen is blogging, though I can’t actually link to her blog quite yet. Apparently, my shameless pursuit of attention hasn’t rubbed off on her anywhere near as much as I had anticipated. I built the blog for her almost a year and a half ago because she would come home from work with … Read more

the hand that feeds

And the number ONE weird thing about me (continuing the post detailing 7 weird things about me): The human hand has 27 bones counting the bones in the wrist (there are 8 of those). Not counting the wrist, I have broken 17 of the remaining 19 bones in each hand. I have broken some of … Read more

sea to sea

My friend Benja Iglesis has started a blog. In and of itself it wouldn’t be of much interest, but the guy has been all over the world shooting some amazing photographs. He seems to always be at the right place at the right time to capture some amazing things… Aside from being a great photographer, … Read more

for whom the gun tolls

I won’t comment on the VT shootings. What I can say on the subject won’t ease the pain nor offer solutions on how to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future. I don’t believe gun control laws would prevent someone from killing large groups of people if they are intent on doing so, just … Read more

rollin’ with my homies

I was thinking today about the rise and fall of fame. I’m not famous, nor do I know any famous people to speak of, but I know that it isn’t easy. Once you reach some level of fame, pretty much anyone who knows who you are is hungrily waiting for you to fail so they … Read more

better off without a wife

I’m up way too late and this is the reason why. See what happens when random strangers post comments on my blog? I dig in deep trying to figure out what they’re all about by reading their archived posts. This particular chap has not only a gift for storytelling, but has the stories to tell. … Read more

The One About Freedom from Taxation

The ever lovely Ursula of Ursala’s Not So Secret History pointed out that the IRS is offering tax payers a bevy of FREE tax preparation and filing options. There are a number of companies (from H&R Block to TurboTax) offering free online tax preparation and filing based on income (more than $X, less than $X) … Read more

The One About Links

Many new readers have sent me messages about my pretty small blogroll… actually, links to other blogs are pretty light in general. This isn’t due to, as some would believe, “jealousy” and “playa hating,” but because just about every blog in the blogosphere gets more traffic than I do, so I doubt a link on … Read more