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the hand that feeds

And the number ONE weird thing about me (continuing the post detailing 7 weird things about me):

The human hand has 27 bones counting the bones in the wrist (there are 8 of those). Not counting the wrist, I have broken 17 of the remaining 19 bones in each hand. I have broken some of them playing street hockey, some fighting, some getting things slammed on them, and having my hand shoot through a car window during an accident.

Many times I was completely unaware that something had broken until either someone pointed out that there was something terribly wrong with my hand or I felt a sandy, grinding between bones. Once, my thumb got pushed out so that the bone stuck out of the back of my hand… I noticed that because my hand felt wet. It wasn’t water.

As a result, my fingers jut off in random directions and I cannot wear rings. My fingers constantly twitch too, especially when I am sleeping.

Despite this, I can still touch type around 120 words per minute.

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