Inherently Different

narcissism 101

A couple of days ago, I was talking to a friend of mine about one of my favorite topics, me. It seems that while this blog shares insight into who I am and what I believe, it does little to dispel the rumor that I was raised by wolves and ate my siblings upon exiting the womb. I’ve never been a proponent of making up what you don’t know as fact, but telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth can be boring. On occasion I like to let loose a nice, interesting, but wholly made up story.

Of course, I always let people in on the fiction. I don’t like telling tales that can be mistaken for fact. So in the interest of being forthright, lately I haven’t given this blog the attention it deserves and the reasons have been detailed from time to time. They have varied from too much work (slightly true), to too little inspiration (slightly more true). Now you can add confused to the mix.

I have been struggling with how much I should really write here. My GF reads this blog and while she and I share all our thoughts with each other, some of my more… um… colorful ideas tend to make her question her decision to abscond from the mainland for the sunny shores of Maui.

The thing is… if I can’t be myself here, I am only lying to myself about what this blog truly is. So, with that in mind I will attempt to write daily again and not second guess whether or not you are ready to read what I have to write. I think most of you are intelligent people willing and capable of self-censoring your intake… read what you like, ignore the rest.

Going forward, anything that is simply me practicing creative writing will be clearly marked. I don’t do this because I believe you are incapable of discerning truth from fiction, but to insure that I can simply write what comes to mind. This should increase my blog output ten fold because some of the thoughts that cross the vast expanse of my mind are not without passing interest to those of you who are attracted to my ridiculous mutterings.