Inherently Different

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[via 6togo] (won’t hotlink since I don’t want to reward them with a referral) is one of those pursuits that I just don’t get. It lists “non-corporate” cafes based on your zip code. I guess the idea is that they are trying to generate business for mom & pop type establishments that can’t compete … Read more

The One About Freedom from Taxation

The ever lovely Ursula of Ursala’s Not So Secret History pointed out that the IRS is offering tax payers a bevy of FREE tax preparation and filing options. There are a number of companies (from H&R Block to TurboTax) offering free online tax preparation and filing based on income (more than $X, less than $X) … Read more

The One About Desktops

In The One Where You Control The Vertical I asked that you submit requests for images that revealed a little more about me. Toni, an early adopter if ever there was one, asks for me to reveal my desktop. Not knowing which desktop she wanted (my office, kitchen table, or physical computer), I opted to … Read more