Inherently Different

you get what you give

I think I remember someone saying something about the ecology of families… or maybe he was just saying that people who have children are ruining the planet. I have written about my thoughts on parents and the reasons people choose to have children before so I won’t revisit that particular hedge row this time out, … Read more


Nothing can be quite as irritating as someone who complains. And yes, I realize that by stating that fact, I am in essence doing the very thing that I am railing against… Irony… it’s a bitch. Growing up, unless I lost an appendage, any complaints were met with very little attention. The more you complained … Read more

breeders and intelligence

NOTE: This post was protected originally. Then I realized, I have nothing to hide. This is the text verbatim of the email conversation as it was. If the person somehow finds it, well, so be it. At least she might realize how idiotic some of her ramblings were (doubtful, but one can only hope). In … Read more

the sentinel

Sometimes I get really random people IM’ing me. I don’t like to immediately dismiss these tools because sometimes a nugget or two of comedy can ensue with little effort… such much time, so little to show for it. Random_IM_Guy: HeyMe: HelloRandom_IM_Guy: What are you doing?Me: Who are you?Random_IM_Guy: ScottMe: OkRandom_IM_Guy: I’m trying to figure out … Read more

roadhouse blues

Today, we’re heading up to Hana in search of waterfalls. I like hiking through the rain forests here, but quite honestly, I hate driving… I actually hate being in the car for more than an hour at a time. The road to hana is incredibly jammed with traffic and tourists and small old ladies who … Read more

head like a hole

On the right, where my picture used to be is what happens when I get bored. Of course, I blame peashelle for this act of miscreancy. If she hadn’t put a link to network for good on her site, I would have never thought of this at all… Please feel free to email me and … Read more

i want to break free

Back during the halcyon days of the Internet, Craig Newmark, a young web programmer, began a list detailing cool events in San Francisco as a favor to the community. As time passed, the list grew and people used it as the primary method for sharing information about such topics as housing, events, and most notably, … Read more

cheeseburger in paradise

I know you can’t all be here to help celebrate the 4th of July with me and my friends. While that sucks, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little of what we’re doing here right now. For your pleasure, sit back and pretend you’re on the beach with us. Baldwin Beach is just west … Read more