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the sentinel

Sometimes I get really random people IM’ing me. I don’t like to immediately dismiss these tools because sometimes a nugget or two of comedy can ensue with little effort… such much time, so little to show for it.

Random_IM_Guy: Hey
Me: Hello
Random_IM_Guy: What are you doing?
Me: Who are you?
Random_IM_Guy: Scott
Me: Ok
Random_IM_Guy: I’m trying to figure out the same
Me: You’re trying to figure out who you are too?
Random_IM_Guy: I’m from central ohio
Me: Good for you. How’s that working out?
Random_IM_Guy: are you upset, or what?
Me: upset?
Me: by?
Random_IM_Guy: you seem bothered
Me: i am not bothered. I just don’t know you and you don’t know me
Random_IM_Guy: im a terriost
Me: good for you
Me: lots of good opportunities for terrorism in central ohio
Me: good luck with that
Random_IM_Guy: you want in?
Me: no thanks
Random_IM_Guy: were planing to plant c4 at "dust" on a three minute timer
Me: right
Me: well, good luck with that
Me: should be fun for you
Random_IM_Guy: lighten up
Me: am I being heavy?
Random_IM_Guy: yea
Me: hmm
Me: i’ll work on that
Me: thanks for the heads up
Random_IM_Guy: you get alot of strangers at 1am bother you?
Me: it isn’t 1 am for me
Random_IM_Guy: why were u at?
Me: its only 7 pm
Me: maui
Random_IM_Guy: i dont remeber you being from maui
Me: i don;t remember you at all
Random_IM_Guy: well thats a shame
Me: indeed
Random_IM_Guy: i hadnt signed on to aim in three months
Random_IM_Guy: the truth is, i love you…. were ment for another
Random_IM_Guy: kiss me

7 thoughts on “the sentinel”

  1. Um. I live in central Ohio but I haven’t IM’d you in a few months.

    This creeps me out.


    Probably more so that the supposed terrorist spelled “terriost” wrong.

    But then again, this is central Ohio.

    Edumacation isn’t all that great.

  2. HAHAHA! You are so funny.
    I don’t remember you being from maui!!!!
    I don’t remember you at all.
    HAHAHA what a freak.
    I’m in central Ohio too and I never meet any freaks here. People are so disgustingly normal – it’s really boring. If he IM’s you again tell him I want to meet him for coffee.

  3. Best IM conversation ever.

    Also, I love you. We’re ment for each other. Kiss me.

    …how I’m going to end every email I send out from now on.

  4. If it was a mexican chick, my original beliefs are confirmed… except it was a man (at least the name “scott” would normally be associated with a male, but we all know how tricky those terrorists can be) and I would like to believe that even a mexican chick wouldn’t spell like a 15 year old boy with dyslexia.

    Because I often work late into the night (2 or 3 am Maui time), I get tons of chat requests from random people. Some are just looking to fart around, but most don’t really know what they are getting into. That, i guess, is where the entertainment value for me is… welcoming these tools into a whole new way of being ridiculed.

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