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cheeseburger in paradise

I know you can’t all be here to help celebrate the 4th of July with me and my friends. While that sucks, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience a little of what we’re doing here right now. For your pleasure, sit back and pretend you’re on the beach with us. Baldwin Beach is just west of Paia on Maui’s North Shore.

UPDATED WARNING: This file is approximately 5 MB. You should have no problem playing this file straight from my server without downloading it first.

3 thoughts on “cheeseburger in paradise”

  1. bastard! bastard! bastard! Im sitting here on a grey, wet Sunday morning looking at that!
    Have a great 4th of July, mate 🙂

  2. dear e,

    i bet you your beach has poop in it. (that girl didn’t really shit herself, did she? and how do they know she wasn’t drugged? what if it wasn’t her fault?)

    sorry, i have trouble differentiating between different trains of thought associated with different posts. happy 4th! even though it’s not, anymore.

    – jen

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