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4th of July*

The fourth of july on maui is quite the spectacle… not in the same was as it might be on the main land where they do it bigger and arguably, better. This holiday is about families, sharing, and fun. The fireworks displays are pretty small, but really earnest. By that I mean they make up for quantity with a zeal that isn’t found in many american cities anymore.

This fourth of july (unlike the four previous fourth of july’s) we caught the display in Wailea on the South East side of the island. It is much more family-oriented than the display up in Lahaina.  What you have to remember here is that no matter where you go, it will be crowded. Unlike the mainland where you might have five or six different displays you can attend, maui, the entire island, only has three fireworks shows. Lahaina, Wailea, and Wailuku. None of them last longer than say 10 minutes and all of them are well-attended.

The main difference between fireworks here and on the mainland? Palm trees and ocean views. I hope you all had a happy 4th!

*Soundgarden, from the album Superunknown.

7 thoughts on “4th of July*”

  1. Pea, yes it was… hope yours was as fun.

    Jen, the title of the post is a soundgarden song… all my posts for the last few months are titles of songs, but I’ve rarely put the name of the artist and album of the song in the post… from now on, I will.

    Limey, what the holy hell are you talking about?

  2. Oh! hahahah… er, i celebrate the fact that I don’t have to submit an article on a monday! I am beginning to believe that the colonies struggle for independence was really just the brits realizing how jacked up this country would one day become and deciding to roll over and play dead rather than be party to such imperialism…

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