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passive manipulation

Limey, who’s leaving us in the care of some random poster while he traipses across the frozen tundra of some slavic nation, is a passive aggressive. I know because I’ve spent my whole life surrounded by passive aggressives. For instance, you can recognize passive aggressives not by what they say, but by what they leave out. I get the hint Limey! I’m not posting enough. Message received.

The problem is that you’re not getting a well formed post. Instead, you get this reactionary message that is meant to tide over regular readers until I actually feel like writing something remotely interesting.

Let’s see… I could write about how the bombings in London made me immediately think of my good friend and ex-intern Molly who is studying digital art in London. Or I could write about my ten day foray into being social with real live people. Or I could ask the real identity of the “guest” blogger posting over at Limey’s site. I have already formed a hypothesis, but would prefer all of your input before offering up my guesses.

12 thoughts on “passive manipulation”

  1. I am not leaving for another week. However Mox will start posting as and when she likes.

    I am mortally wounded by the expressions of delight that have been expressed by the fact that my posting will be sporadic and that Mox will take over.

    The “real” identity of Mox ? A bottle of absinthe by courier if you mail me the correct answer…?

  2. HEY! what, the fuck, about cookie?!?!?! why can you rule me out?!?!?!?? c’mon. i need to know! i bet it’s something really mean, isn’t it…

  3. i’m more literate than your left buttcheek. i just prefer not to write coherently in blogging form! it’s a personal choice, dammit! :*

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